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11 Questions from P11 with Lynn Klug from Greystar

Welcome to the first installment of our thought leadership P11 interview series featuring the top movers and shakers in the building and developer industry. In this interview, we have Lynn Klug, a Senior Director of National Marketing at Greystar. She is a powerhouse in the industry with many successful communities to her credit.


P11: How long have you been in the home building/multifamily industry? Where did you begin your career? What sparked your interest in it?

LK: 30 years. I can’t believe It! Flew by. Worked at an ad agency out of college, then quickly realized people making enough money to live on were advertising salespeople. Ended up working in advertising sales for the start-up magazine, Let’s Rent (sold a few years later to For Rent Magazine.) It’s where I learned all about the multi-family Industry by working on advertising campaigns with owners/operators/on-site managers, and I’ve stayed in it ever since. I loved the architecture and design aspect of it at first, then ultimately became enamored with the fact we designed and built homes for all types of people, which was so inspiring and motivating. My mission became being a matchmaker, so to speak, to help people locate and identify the PERFECT “next rental home” where they could live a happy life.


P11: In a nutshell, what have you learned during this time? What’s changed?

LK: I’ve learned there are many, many ways to do things right… and I’ve learned how to avoid the pitfalls/what the things are that will definitely go WRONG. What’s changed in multifamily is the caliber of people working in it. The quality and education and the perception of multifamily within the commercial real estate market are continually rising. We’re finally on top!


P11: What gets you most excited or motivated about your job?

LK: I still LOVE what I do, but now what Is most exciting and motivating to me Is helping my team members learn and grow. I’m fortunate to have a number of amazing/creative/smart/motivated professionals in my crew. I still love working on the creative process of branding new, ground-up development communities with our creative partners….but don’t get to spend as much time doing that in my current role as I used to. Great visuals and great branding can make my day!


P11: What current challenges must be faced in the industry?

LK: Building great apartments at affordable — not top-of-market —rents. It is incredibly cost-prohibitive to build ground-up apartments, and there Is such a need for mid-market rentals.


P11: What can we all do today to improve the home building/multifamily industry?

LK: Keep recruiting and teaching bright young people who are kind, caring, and motivated to serve and improve this world. Find ways to build more great apartments at affordable rents for hard-working people who don’t earn enough to pay luxury apartment rent rates.


P11: What are some of your favorite communities you’ve worked on and why?

LK: 1221 Ocean Avenue In Santa Monica, CA
It was the highest-end, high-rise property I ever opened and stunning. We got an $8,000/month lease from someone in New York the week we launched the first apartment property website in 2001! It was so exciting. P11 nailed the branding, marketing, and digital marketing.

Newport Bluffs in Newport Beach, CA. It was the biggest property that I had launched at that point, maybe 2001-ish, with 1,500 luxury units. I loved that property.

1600 Vine in Hollywood, CA. Located In the heart of Hollywood, 1600 Vine won all the building industry awards the year we opened, and my boss at Legacy Partners was so passionate about the community.

Parq on Speer In Denver, CO. This high rise In the middle of Denver, amazing property, and team, we had 100 leases signed before the doors opened.

The Overture and Album Brands> Both 55+ Active Adult Living portfolio brands were developed In partnership with P11. All of those properties successfully repositioned the way people looked at senior apartments thanks in large part to the AMAZING vision, positioning, and branding from P11!


P11: What does the word “home” mean to you?

LK: “Home” is very personal to me, my haven, and my center of the best times with good friends when entertaining. Our home is our hobby. I strive to help prospective renters envision the same type of feeling when we develop our property brands. Everyone should have a personal retreat that resonates and rejuvenates them.


P11: Search your imagination. What do you see for the future of the home building/multifamily industry?

LK: Right now, I’m Invoking the “everything old is new again” adage i.e., self-guided tours and self-help everything. Also, higher, and higher levels of acceptance that many people will be renters for life, and that it can be a good thing. Many types of new rental communities with achievable rent levels are on the scene, including built-to-rent single-family homes and townhomes.


P11: What’s something that people don’t know about you that’s fun?

LK: I’m an open book. I have NO SECRETS, lol! So, I’m pretty fun to hang out with.


P11: What do you love and appreciate about P11?

LK: I love the fact that Lance and Jasvina have kept the same team together for over 20 years+. And that they are all smart, good, nice, fun, normal, creative, funny, and wonderful philanthropists at heart and awesome people. I love the giving campaigns Leigh spearheads and the whole team embraces & supports.


P11: What’s playing on your turntable these days?

LK: The only physical turntable in the family is owned by my youngest son Connor and his fiancée Lissa. They love vinyl records and are the true music/concert buffs. Kurt and I play Pandora and love crossover artists like Van Morrison and Chris Stapleton.  We also know how to curate a GREAT party playlist/vibe. Our Sonos system is always on when we entertain and people always say, “I love your music.” NATURALLY!

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