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Contemporary logo for CINQ in white on eggplant colored background with silvery grey C and Q embracing the lettermark.

IN SYNC: CINQ In Salt Lake City Marketing

P11 has collaborated with Hamilton Partners to design a multi-tiered marketing package for a downtown Salt Lake City multi-family community with historical origins. The creative direction is moody, modern, sexy, and charismatic. It connects ideas — dapper and daring, contemporary and cavaliere. It extends a sophisticated and open-ended invitation to live exceptionally well. It brings people together for a nuanced connection to modern living that’s got a hint of glamour. The messaging inspires prospects to have a new and fresh relationship with downtown Salt Lake City. One that’s open to all possibilities. One that is curated and special. It connects life and style and work and play. And there’s room for every aspect in between. CINQ has a wise sensibility yet a keen and stylish eye on the future. The creative sets the stage for life in balance and on point. Stay tuned for updates on the alluring creative for this distinctive new community and its official grand opening.

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