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P11 BLANKET DRIVE UPDATE: Momentum Promotional Products rocks our world!

Just take a gander at this absolute mountain of new and oh-so-soft blankets for the P11 Blanket Drive 2023, donated by Ed Perfetti and Momentum Promotional Products! It is incredibly generous, and they will go to good use during our street outreach with the local homeless. Ed, you’re saving lives and have forever warmed our hearts. Thank you so much! We’re not happy crying; you are. Please keep Momentum Promotional Products in mind for all of your promotional needs. They have a wide selection of engaging promotional items to celebrate your branding and help market your communities.

There’s still time to donate to the P11 blanket drive! Want to donate but don’t have time to shop? Hit up our Venmo (leighwhiteart), and we will purchase food, toiletries, water, beanies, and more for those living on the streets. It’s all needed! We will be doing outreach on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day in addition to our weekly outreach.

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