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Your back stage pass to our real estate marketing project shout-outs, industry insight, and the P11 culture. Get in the know, right now.

Dan on Mt. Whitney Summit

PEOPLE OF P11: Dan Webster

MEET THE PEOPLE OF P11: Meet Dan Webster

The P11 interactive crew is very talented and industrious. At the helm is Dan. Get to know him and find out why he’s so awesome.

TITLE: Interactive Director
YEARS AT P11: 27
HOBBIES: Surfing, mountain biking, hiking, and playing guitar
WHAT IS HE BINGE-WATCHING THESE DAYS: I tend to binge vids of my hobbies above as well as documentaries of any sort. Comedy-wise, it’s Key & Peele clips and the All Gas No Brakes YouTube channel.

Thank you Dan for your hard work!

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