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THE GLOW UP: When it’s time to rebrand

Your brand is everything. Every time it appears, it needs to make you, your associates, your clients, your investors, and potential clients feel good. And boost profits. To keep your brand strong, appealing, and current, rebranding could be in order. Let’s look at some scenarios and see if you are on the road to rebrand city.

Take an honest look at your brand identity’s fonts, colors, and composition. They might be a bit dusty. Or they may not have been created by a professional graphic designer or a branding expert. While they were great at the time, they might look old and dated now. It’s the equivalent of a high school yearbook photo when you think to yourself, “Wow. I can’t believe I had that haircut or wore that outfit.” An authentic way to check your brand’s visual strength is by asking your team and by conducting a focus group of people outside the business. Get honest feedback.

Rebranding is vital to expressing your brand’s vitality and strategic vision. If your company and range of services are growing (and BTW, that’s awesome), a rebrand is in order to reflect better quality, agility, and know-how. If your company has hit a longevity milestone, it’s also a great time to rebrand. In fact, P11 created a rebrand for ourselves, so we definitely walk the talk and know the journey. Even one of the longest and most successful brands on earth, Coca-Cola, tweaks its brand regularly to keep things interesting. Rebranding will always be an essential part of marketing like oxygen is to breathing.

If you haven’t taken a look at your competitors’ brands lately, now’s the time. The business world will never stop being competitive, and that’s a good thing. It helps companies bring better products to the marketplace, which solves more problems for consumers. Take a visual inventory of your competitors’ brands and see where you land. Are you the wallflower, are you merely a face in the crowd equally competing, or are you the leader? This candid assessment is eye-opening, empowering, and a much-needed kick in the pants. Your brand should beautifully stand tall in the sea of choices. If it doesn’t, a rebrand is precisely what the doctor ordered. And it’s a good thing. And super achievable.

Let’s connect now to discuss and amplify your brand now. P11 is extremely accomplished and highly effective in branding, rebranding, positioning, vision books, and so much more. Throw in our powerful digital expertise, and there’s nothing we can’t do together. We specialize in strategic, results-driven marketing for the real estate and building industry. It’s what we do all day, every day. Trust your communities to us. Let’s talk.

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