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Spinal Tap Origins

ON TAP: The P11 & This Is Spinal Tap Connection

All heroes have origin stories. Here’s one of ours. Way back in 1984, the cult classic movie/mock rockumentary ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ debuted and rocked the world. One of the fictional characters, Nigel Tufnel (expertly played by Christopher Guest from Best of Show, The Princess Bride, and countless other hilarious movies), talks about his guitar amplifier’s capabilities. Usually, amplifier settings go from 1-10. “Ours go one louder,” he said, pointing to the knobs. The whole idea is to go beyond set limits in pursuit of creativity. To give it a little extra push. We loved that idea. When it was time to rebrand our company back in the 2000s, we embraced it. Piazzo was our original name, and for the rebrand, we proclaimed ourselves P11 — keeping the ‘P’ from Piazzo and ‘11’ from Spinal Tap. Our studio and team are passionately focused on providing above and beyond creative and client service. BTW, the entire cast of This Is Spinal Tap is invited to our Newport Beach studio anytime. Music is a massive part of our company culture. We’ve even got a stage they can jam on. Let’s rock!

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