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Industry insight from P11

Sources indicate that the BTR (Built-to-rent) new homes trend maintains its popular appeal in today’s housing market. It makes sense for consumers looking for a better quality of life, freedom, and maintenance-free/carefree advantages that renting provides. While the demand for new single-family homes for sale is high, the supply does not match up. Even today’s leading multi-family and single-family developers are seriously investing in the BTR market. These communities can be built in bulk and built faster because the builders do not have to constantly check in with their new homebuyers during the construction process (U.S. News & World Report FEB 2023.)

Hot spots for BTR communities include suburban areas nationwide, with Phoenix and Las Vegas at the top of the list, and nationwide expansion in this sector looks very promising across the board. P11 is very experienced with all aspects of real estate marketing, including BTR communities. We’ve partnered with several established developers to help them enter the BTR market and make it a thriving new part of the product matrix to ensure company growth. A recent example is the launch of 360 Communities for Freehold. Let’s chat about what P11 can do for your BTR marketing today.

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