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A MAJOR MILESTONE: P11’s 35th Anniversary

The year 2024 kicked off with extra excitement as we celebrate our 35th year! It all started in May 1989 when our CEO Lance Huante opened a “design studio” just one month before graduating college from his apartment bedroom with one Mac SE computer and one client. Over the past 35 years the P11 team, office space, technology, offerings, creativity, and client list has grown exponentially. From 1989 to today, as a nationally acclaimed real estate marketing agency, our mission remains — provide exceptional service and innovative creative solutions that achieve our clients’ goals, make their jobs easier, and rock the real estate world. Throughout the year, we’ll share parts of our business journey, milestones, exclusive content, and surprises. With your unwavering support over the decades, our business has flourished. Our gratitude is immense. Together, we’ll continue to build a bright future.

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