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Just like a band, every member of our team brings their distinct talent, and when the collaboration happens, the result is undeniable.

Lance Huante

Lance launched P11 in 1989 with a relentless drive to build an exciting studio with the best possible talent delivering exceptional creativity and service. And that passion still exists today with every client and project we take on.

Areas of expertise: Creative vision, art direction, client interaction, business development, long hours, and endless emails.

Passions: Family, running, hiking, mid-century architecture, live music, and mosh pits.

Jasvina Gill

With a lifelong passion for the real estate industry, Jas is a 1-woman powerhouse ready to tackle anything and everything.

Areas of expertise: Brand personality, strategic thinking and connecting people.

Passions: Traveling, hiking, volunteering, food and wine!

Karen Cupp

Very knowledgeable and detail-oriented, Karen keeps our financial health in tip-top shape. Every aspect of accounting runs smoothly thanks to her.

Areas of expertise: Financial, Payroll and Human Resources.

Passions: Crafting, gardening, sewing, her pets, and traveling.

Dan Webster

Dan leads the way for custom site plan, floor plan and interactive touch screen components. He continually hones his code as well as interface layout for a better end user experience. The final result is a product that specifically addresses the client’s needs and stands out from many of the cookie-cutter components on the market today.

Areas of expertise: Programming, innovation, design, and team building.

Passions: Surfing, mountain biking, and playing guitar.

Kris Brown

Don’t let Kris’ chill and easygoing demeanor fool you. He’s a programming wizard that brings websites to life. He’s a graphic designer’s best friend.

Areas of expertise: Interactive animation, programming, website navigation, design, and user experience.

Passions: Family time, home improvement, snowboarding, biking, and visiting local breweries.

Russell Yarwood

Self-taught and very talented, Russell is deeply committed to quality work and quality service. He works at a very advanced level with impressive results.

Areas of expertise: Programming, troubleshooting, client service, and quality assurance.

Passions: Playing hockey, doodling, hanging out with his wife and daughter, and his dog Maebe.

Aaron Ludwig

Aaron is our email marketing and interactive expert that makes it all look easy. He’s also got a gift of keeping things organized. He’s our very own “Spark joy” kind of guy.

Areas of expertise: Email marketing, database management, organizational skills, and programming.

Passions: His Tesla, fitness, and Las Vegas.

Neal Burns

Neal is our overall superhero when it comes to website design and functionality. Clients love working with him because he is always on top of what needs to happen next to save the day and is so darn nice.

Areas of expertise: Programming, consistency, client relations,

Passions: Playing bass guitar in a cover band, working out, and camping.

Leigh White

As the voice of p11, Leigh brings an edge and sensitivity with a love for originality. She was inspired by Bewitched as a child and knew the ad world was for her.

Areas of expertise: Brand positioning, campaign concepting, copywriting, and digital & fine art illustration.

Passions: Direct outreach for the homeless, making art, history and writing/performing poetry.

Alex Chao

Alex has been sharing her design expertise at p11 since 2001. Highly skilled and thoughtful, she is an endless source of ideas and ready to elevate the client’s image with intelligent and enduring solutions.

Areas of expertise: Branding, visual concepting, art direction, design, traditional and digital image making

Passions: Learning and creating, hiking, baking, and exploring new places near and far with her daughter.

Wayne Yong

Steady and serene, Wayne is easy to work with and very talented. He sees the big picture as well as the details. He always makes our clients look good.

Areas of expertise: Digital illustration, presentation art, leasing/sales office displays and signage programs.

Passions: Golf, traveling, exploring the outdoors, classic cars and cooking.

Matt Johnson

Methodical, polite, and curious, Matt takes real ownership of the quality of his work, sets a good example to follow, and is open to taking on any task.

Areas of expertise: SEO, digital illustration, design, and accuracy.

Passions: Martial Arts, spicy food, learning new things, and his family.

Ryan Ruppert

Self-motivated and with a modern sense of style, Ryan’s signatures are his sleek layouts, elegant branding, and eye for photography.

Areas of expertise: Graphic design, typography, and branding.

Passions: Making art, collecting vinyl records, and enjoying Napa.

Emile Sawaya

Some people are just born with the innate ability to know technology. Emile is one of those people. Besides being a talented designer, he’s another intuitive problem solver.

Areas of expertise: Audio/visual technology, site plans, floor plans, and ad management.

Passions: Homebrewing, movies, hiking, family, and his dogs.

Susan Manson

Energetic and expressive, Susan approaches all of her projects with gusto. She’s an unbeatable combination of conceptual and technical skill that makes her a powerful designer and leader.

Areas of expertise: Design, color, concepting, branding, and collaboration.

Passions: Quilting, cooking, writing, and concerts.

Bea Kissinger

Her adeptness in handling multiple projects is awe-inspiring. Bea’s easygoing nature and high standards for quality and timeliness are second to none.

Areas of expertise: Accounting, organization, and interpersonal communication skills.

Passions: Fitness, hiking, mindfulness, traveling, and her pug Boba Tea.

Cindy Meadors

As the official front desk face of p11, Cindy keeps everything in the studio running smoothly. Her smile and sense of humor is the best.

Areas of expertise: Office management, accounting, team events.

Passions: Photography, cooking, Bruce Springsteen, the p11 pets and her kids.


New to the p11 squad in 2020 is Milo. He’s our current Branch Manager/Chief Doodle-r and carries on the tradition of our dog-friendly studio. Clients and vendors love him because of his endless paws-itivity.

Areas of expertise: Client relations, looking adorbs, collections/fetching, shaking hands, chillin, kisses, high fives, sitting and staying, having the softest fur on the planet, and nose boops.

Passions: Napping, treats, long walks, more treats, road trips, belly rubs, and listening to his favorite Pink Floyd album Bark Side of the Moon.

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