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P11 INSIGHT: BIA Women’s Leadership Conference 2023

On Friday, June 9, 2023, P11’s Bea Kissinger and Emile Sawaya attended the BIA OC Women’s Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA. We love connecting with the people in our industry. Not only is the camaraderie great but the takeaways are just as meaningful. Thank you to BIA and this incredible conference!



  • Push the limits of what is possible.
  • Women and minorities can excel in the field and can push past the mental barrier.
  • Companies with diversity perform better.
  • “The Bannister Effect” — the phenomenon of one person showing others that it can be done and, thus, prompting others to believe and achieve.


“We can draw our own blueprints using building and design for a more important purpose, education, and social impacts, to help future generations.

“Regarding intergenerational: learn from each other while building something meaningful and that we enjoy doing.:

“We don’t need to follow the path that everyone else does. Blazing your own trail calls to other like-minded people.”

“Change people’s expectation on who has a say in the physical world.”

“Create safe spaces that reframe power.”

“Fear less build more. Do things when you’re scared. It gets easier to be brave the more you do it.”

“Safe spaces are about having a voice.”

“Learn how to do something and apply it to something that matters.”

“Build the world you want to see.”

Emily Pilloton-Lam, Founder and Executive Director Girls Garage


“Whoever cares the most wins.”

“Identify what’s missing and fill the gaps.”

Taylor Dunn, Emmy award-winning journalist


“Put in the hard work, ask the tough questions, and try to find the truth.”

“The biggest fear is never going after it in the first place.”

“Be okay with failing because the only way to be successful is to have the willingness to fail in the first place.”

“Knowing you can build something is one of the greatest gifts.”

“Choose the people who care.”

“Balance work and personal life and prioritize what is most important.”

Rebecca Jarvis, EMMY award-winning journalist, ABC News’ Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent; and the host and creator of ABC’s podcast featuring game-changing women, No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis.

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