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Engaging an audience is an art and a science. P11 took a closer look at recent stats for eMarketing. Did you know that Mondays have the highest open rate at 22%? There are 4.37 billion emails users worldwide so far in 2023. A whopping 96% of email users check their email daily. Currently, there are 4.37 billion email users worldwide. Mobile devices are also very integral in eMarketing with 36.6% of emails globally being opened on mobile devices. Even more significant, the number of emails sent and received per day is 347.8 billion, which is a 4.3% increase from 2022. (SOURCES: OBERLO and STATISTICA 2023)

Did you know P11 is experienced, strategic, and highly successful at e-Marketing? We are! From market segmentation and targeting, e-campaigns, compelling design, list management, e-newsletters, custom landing pages, and more, P11 can help you reach and engage your audience like never before. Let P11 be your go-to for all marketing trends and facts. Follow us for ongoing updates on what matters to you and your business. We can amplify your eMarketing success today!

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