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Your back stage pass to our real estate marketing project shout-outs, industry insight, and the P11 culture. Get in the know, right now.


Every hero has an origin story. In marketing, we call it brand ideation. P11 is no exception. We get asked all the time, “What does P11 stand for? What does the P refer to? How about the 11?” We’re finally revealing our brand creation as part of our 35th-anniversary commemoration. You’ll find it reflects how we approach the business, our clients, and ourselves. And it ties directly into our company culture.

P11 began in 1989 as Piazzo. The Piazzo name was inspired by Italian piazzas combined with mid-century modern whimsy (think Wham-O). In our 11th year, as the company became more successful and grew quickly, a rebrand was in order. We knew it had to reflect our internal philosophy. It had to go from a “pretty” name to a powerful name that resonated confidently, possessed some mystique, and yet was very, very cool. Oh…and it had to relate to music since music has always been the heart and soul of our company. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and for us, a mock/rockumentary, “This Is Spinal Tap,” about an imaginary metal band, had the answer to what was at the mountaintop. The ‘one louder” philosophy is our deliberate passion for pushing our marketing and digital solutions beyond “good enough” has fueled P11’s success for over thirty-five years and positions us for a bigger and better future for P11 and our continual pursuit of real estate marketing excellence. The P11 Branding represents the volume dial on a music amplifier going above and beyond the rest and always leading the way for innovation in real estate marketing.

Having a back story to reinforce and strengthen your brand/community’s narrative and visual identity is the DNA of all successful marketing. Let P11 help you craft your brand’s soul, identity, and messaging, so it is clearly heard, amps up your team, and ensures your communities take center stage every time. Let’s talk today!

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