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MIGHTY FINE: The fine artists of P11

Did you know that many people on the P11 team are also fine artists? They are. Take our Senior Copywriter/Concept Manager Leigh White. She’s an accomplished and prolific painter with work shown at the Orange County Museum of Art, L.A. County Museum of Art, a ton of ArtWalks, and numerous pop-up galleries. She sells her original art in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and New York. She has a wide range of styles, including more expressive ones, as seen in her recent painting of The Ramones. P11’s Alex Chao, Ryan Ruppert, Susan Manson, and Dan Webster are highly skilled in fine art as well. Alex has an elegant approach mixed with otherworldly agility with watercolors. Ryan creates amazing modern art with unique techniques to create texture, motion, and depth. Susan is an award-winning quilt maker with a zeal for vibrancy and expert line work. Dan is our Zen-like painter who creates an overall sense of calm in his work that is good for the soul. While technology may change in the business, having an instinctual artist’s eye for having a vision and confidence in that vision will always be an advantage. It’s how we approach our creative work. It’s why we call our office a studio. Many of our clients have benefitted from our fine arts background. It’s that little something extra which P11 brings to the table that makes our client’s storytelling and brand more evocative, distinctive, and effective.

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