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The ‘For Rent’ to ‘For-Sale’ Marketing Transformation Solution: SALT in Oceanside

In the fiercely competitive real estate market, the difference between success and failure lies in the ability to shape, control, and steer it toward new opportunities. For instance, multi-family communities can be transformed into for-sale home communities in a heartbeat, which requires a marketing strategy that is not only adaptable but also significantly different from the previous one. Pelican Communities developed SALT as for-sale condos, but based on market conditions, they pivoted to rental apartments. Oceanside has undergone quite a renaissance, which prompted the developer to convert the apartments to for-sale condos. To achieve this, they brought P11 on board to handle the marketing. P11 created a new, more powerful digital experience catering to the diverse profiles of prospective condominium buyers, including snowbirds, first-time buyers, retirement buyers, and vacation home buyers.

Additionally, a new SEO & SEM plan and path were developed, and the brand was elevated with content that celebrates the location and the incredibly walkable lifestyle. The positioning, “Own a piece of one of the last true beach towns in Southern California,” was intentionally evocative to create a sense of urgency and charisma. The target market is actively seeking an authentic beach town that has not lost its soul and has a real So Cal hometown vibe. With P11’s extensive real estate experience, expert guidance, and marketing solutions, the asset class transition, new launch, and ongoing marketing efforts will be very successful.

Visit the SALT Website and immerse yourself in this exciting coastal community that’s only a few blocks from the beach now!

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