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Why green features continue to be a game changer for real estate

The building industry is making significant strides towards an eco-friendlier world, encompassing building practices, amenities, home features, and shaping communities. This shift is not a trend, but a responsible choice that adds more value to the places we live in. The desire for a healthier quality of living tops the list for today’s homebuyers and renters who continue to make lifestyle decisions based on its importance. These innovations are shaping the current success and setting the stage for a bright and prolific future for the real estate industry. As a result, property and purpose combine to elevate what we do. Many P11 strategic partners in the for sale, master-planned, multifamily, and 55+ living asset sectors are proud to embrace being green, and we applaud them for it. Thank you for including efficiency features, LEED certification, Energy Star appliances, native landscaping, EV charging stations, locations with great Walk Scores to lower carbon emissions, community gardens, and more. Learn more about the immediate benefits of building green.

P11 is here to support and promote your communities’ green features and best building practices through national real estate marketing solutions that garner impressive results. Let’s talk.

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