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P11 COMPANY CULTURE: Here…Guitar Month is every month

Do you remember where you were when you first heard Eddie Van Halen’s otherworldly guitar solo intro to “Eruption”? You can never forget it, right? We know Marty McFly from the cult classic movie Back to the Future never will. April is International Guitar Month and it’s a time to rejoice in the majesty of the axe. Music is the DNA of P11’s company culture, and since we have three guitar players of our own at P11, we proudly celebrate the sound of incredible guitarists who inspire us. They come from way back to today and include every genre from punk to pop to rock to folk to the blues, and everything in between. Whether you play air guitar or legit guitar, or just enjoy an awesome guitar solo, these musicians are sure to rock your world. Check out Rolling Stone’s Best Guitarist List and our finely-crafted custom P11 FM Spotify Mix that includes the cream of the guitar crop.

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